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ME² Design Bistro® (formerly Sherwood & Company) is a boutique graphic design agency. We are a small, enthusiastic team of digital creatives – professional graphic designers, prepress specialists and mobile mavericks. We conceive, design and collaborate with a variety of clients on marketing materials, print collateral and digital media for web display and mobile devices. We also happen to be the creative team behind the ME² Menu® and
ME² Calendar® concept – digital products and mobile editions designed for the hotel and restaurant industries
that can be applied across a wide variety of markets.


This is an exciting year for us as we relaunch under our new company name and happily announce the fact that Newcastle Hotels & Resorts – a hotel management firm – is the first of our clients to team up with us to order both the ME² Menu® and ME² Calendar® for some of their internationally branded and independently owned properties. Let’s just say, we’re kind of excited about that.





It all began 8 years ago with one logistical nightmare of a logo design that was driving company founder and graphic designer Robin Sherwood to the brink and a chance online collaboration with the charming, whip-smart and almost annoyingly persistent fellow designer Ignacio Pintos who goes by the name, “Nacho” – not to be confused with the snack. With little prompting, Nacho fixed the logo thus ending Robin’s nightmare and proving that she not only could use the help but that help would be the only way for her solo enterprise to grow and flourish.


It  was this meeting of two minds – two generations and two worlds  – a creative collision of type A and B personalities founded on a heavy dose of humor and built with a mutual respect and admiration for one another’s varied skills and cultural differences that helped Robin reimagine an entirely new business venture that would help her get out of her solopreneurship rut and Nacho out of the comfort zone of the printing company in which he
grew up.

Formerly known as Sherwood & Company, ME² Design Bistro® now spans the coasts of two continents, North and South America. Based in Connecticut with a satellite office in Montevideo ME² Design Bistro® combines the best of both worlds; blending old traditions with new technology while bridging the gap between print and mobile. With the recent addition of a third designer, Yilmar Ferreira, and their hands-on, heads-in experience in the print, ad, and newspaper industries along with clientele from the association management, sales and marketing,  travel and tourism, hotel and restaurant industries, ME² Design Bistro® covers a lot of ground.




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The Team


Digital Products & Services:

In most cases the digital products listed below can be designed & supplied for use across media types for
print, web and mobile. Whatever your design needs, we’re here to help!

ME² Menu® & ME² Calendar®
(mobile editions)

Restaurant Menus (print editions)

Event Calendars (print editions)

Happy Hour Menus
(print & mobile editions)

Web Banners

Display Ads

Ad Copywriting (upon request)

Hotel Guest Room Directories

Membership Directories

Employee Training Manuals

Annual Meeting Brochures

Exhibitor & Attendee Registration Forms

Exhibitor & Tradeshow Banners

Posters & Postcards

Interactive PDFs

Program Guides
& Proceedings Booklets

Fliers & Announcements
(E-Blasts & Mailers)

Promotional Signage

Print Collateral

Invitation Packages

Business Stationery

The ME² Design Bistro® team provides graphic design, communications and consultation services for a variety of industries, associations and clientele. Our web and mobile design services include: the ME² Menu® – mobile edition restaurant menus; the ME² Calendar® – mobile edition calendars for happy hours, restaurant specials, sporting and entertainment events; web banners and display ads. Print collateral design services  rvvn the gamut from designing postcards to posters, brochures to membership directories, restaurant menus to bar menus, cocktail menus to room service menus, not to mention hotel guest directories. Our ME² Menu® and ME² Calendar® are graphic design services for the creation of QR Code enabled mobile websites for the hotel and restaurant industry. We like to think of them as micro-sites that can reside within your existing website or on ours, if you choose. Best of all, you can take them with you to view or share any time, any where, on any device!


Whether you’re trying to promote Happy Hour or increase traffic for your lunch & dinner service, our ME² Menu® and
ME² Calendar® are two great ways to enhance the dining experience while engaging and entertaining your guests – giving
them more reasons to patronize your establishments!  Whatever your needs, we’re your creative go-to team.



For a FREE consultation with an actual person, call:  860-242-3720

or email:



What exactly is a ME² Menu® or ME² Calendar®TM you ask?


A ME² Menu® or a ME² Calendar® is a feature rich mobile edition of its printed counterpart. M = Mobile, E = Edition.
Simple, right? What about the weird superscript number two? You had to ask. That refers to the powerful add ons, or rather the interactivity and interactive bonus features – chef’s recipes, photos for foodies, videos, social media links, reviews, you name it! This all adds up to something kind of . . . we don’t want to say, “magical” even though . . . well, actually . . . it is! So, to recap, a ME² Menu® or a ME² Calendar® is a mobile edition with powerful interactive features that complement and enhance your traditional printed menu or calendar. Designed for any type of hotel lobby, bar or restaurant a ME² Menu® or a ME² Calendar® can be tailored to your property or establishment to include special events, happy hours, sports & entertainment schedules and more. With a simple link and/or a snap of a QR code to access our mobile editions can be viewed any time, any where on any device.


Want to Know More?


For a FREE consultation with an actual person, call:  860-242-3720

or email:



How Does it  Work?


First, we’ll  consult with you closely during the information gathering stage and collaborate with you throughout the design process. Once you’ve provided us with your menu copy and/or calendar content we’ll begin the design production. After the proofing process is completed and the designs and layouts approved, the magic begins! Final print edition files are sent to a print vendor of your choice. For mobile editions, we’ll generate a QR Code and work with your IT or web peeps to lock and load the ME² Menu®  and/or ME² Calendar® within your existing site or within ours – the choice is yours. We provide the option of hosting mobile editions on our site for a small monthly fee. Whether it’s a mobile edition menu, a happy hour or events calendar  – your ME² Menu® or ME² Calendar®  can be accessed in a snap via the QR Code included on signage we’ll provide to help promote your offerings. The only requirement is a QR Reader or QR Scanner app to access the content. QR code readers are typically free and often come preloaded on most mobile devices today. It’s as simple as that!


Keep in mind, the ME² Menu® is designed to include Bonus Features printed menus don’t have room for or can’t, i.e. chef recipes, photos for foodies, welcome videos and more!  And the ME² Calendar® can be tailored to your establishment’s Happy Hours, specials, sporting or entertainment events. The beauty of the ME² Menu®  and ME² Calendar® is that they are mobile optimized and can be viewed any time, any where, on any device – in a dimly lit restaurant or on a plane, in a train or a cab, in a hotel lobby before dining and deciding what to eat or during a meal to check out the specials, or afterwards to try out a recipe at home or save for later to share with friends! What’s better than that?



Want to know more?

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Association & Management Firms

Hotel & Hospitality, Travel & Tourism

Restaurants, Bars & Lounges




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